Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy

Preventing Kennel Cough

Three Critical Problems With The Kennel Cough Vaccine (and what you need to do about them)

Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy
Bordetella or Kennel Cough is commonly required by boarding kennels and veterinary hospitals. These vaccinations are 
delivered to a staggeringly large percentage of dogs and the reason is not to protect your dog: the reason is to protect these facilities against liability.

Many holistic veterinarians believe vaccinations are the direct link to the chronic diseases we see in dogs today.

Does Your Dog Really Need the Kennel Cough Vaccine?

Have you had a veterinarian strongly urge you to vaccinate your dog for Leptospirosis? Or offer you one of those vaccine cocktails


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