Smoking Hurts Pets, Too: How Cigarette Smoke Endangers Cats And Dogs The Same As Babies And Children

How To Board Your Vaccine-Free Pet

Whole Dog News - End of November 2018

Fatal If Swallowed
by Dogs Naturally Magazine in In The News

Dogs and cleaning products don’t mix! 
Stress free way to Trim your dogs nails

Do You Make This Cancer-Inducing Pet Care Mistake?

Complete Dog Wash Pack

Where There Are Pets… There Will Be Accidents"
Soiling and vomiting accidents happen. As a pet parent, it comes with the territory. But just because you share your home with your furry best friend doesn’t mean you have to live with embarrassing stains and odors. Especially now with this non-toxic pet stain remover that will erase the telltale signs forever.

A week ago today our beautiful Hungarian Vizsla Ruby died. She was just seven. Losing a beloved family dog is utterly terrible, but our grief is compounded by the fact we might have been able to save her, had we known about xylitol.

Cleaning the ears
Ear Infection: The Number 1 Reason

Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Pet's Ears Healthy

3 Simple Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Dog

Dog Ear Infections, The Simple and Natural Solution

This product can cause temporary or PERMANENT hearing loss in dogs using this product for ear infections. LITTLE WHITE DOGS (AKA BICHONS) are especially sensitive to this medication. Please do the research and ask your vet about potential problems before treatment because he/she WILL NOT DISCLOSE SIDE EFFECTS unless you ask. If deciding to use this product beware of what to look out for and seek immediate medical treatment if you see symptoms

A Cure For Dog Depression

Why I Don’t Recommend Retractable Leashes

These brushes are what we use and work well.
5" head, 7 1/4" body length
There are combs that work well. Ask when you call them which comb for a Bichon

Save Your Dog’s Life With Three Homeopathic Remedies
Holistic Care

By far, the biggest source of conflict between urban coyotes and humans centers around pets.

Without This, You May Be Depriving Your Dog of Comfort

Five Things Your Vet Says That Aren’t True
One of the Most Important Pet 'Survival Skills' You Could Learn

Read This Before Giving Your Dog Antibiotics

Dog dies hours after owner gives her a treat

Her Dog Died An Hour After Their Walk. What The Vet Told Her? I’m Shocked.

Could This Potentially Cancer-Causing Microchip Law Happen Here?

Supplements To Help Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

Fatal If Swallowed
by Dogs Naturally Magazine in In The News
Dogs and cleaning products don’t mix!

Remedies for Kennel Cough
Natural, gentle remedies to prevent or treat kennel cough.

Parvaid - All-Natural Parvo Aid for Dogs (1oz)

How To Stop Your Dog’s Diarrhea Fast
by Lisa Brienen DVM CVH in Holistic Care

The Perfect Bowel-Soothing Food for GI Upsets and Diarrhea
By Dr. Becker
This article is actually inspired by Ashley, my wonderful veterinary technician who also works at the local emergency 
animal clinic.

"Two-Thirds of American Pet Owners Skip This Essential Oral Care Step - Do You?"
Cleaning your pet's teeth is an essential part of dog or cat ownership. They can't do it themselves, so it's up to you to take responsibility and do it for them.

Three Simple Sure Fire Strategies to Optimize Your Pet’s Health
In this video, Dr. Karen Becker explains the Three Pillars of Health, and why each pillar is critical to your pet’s total well being.

Teeth Cleaning For Dogs

Ten questions to ask when shopping for a new veterinarian 

Interview with Fern!
When men choose a best friend, size really doesn't matter
For the past nine years, Fern Flett and her husband David have been breeding bichon frises at their home near Langton, Ont. The breed can weigh between eight and 18 pounds, says Flett, who's clearly partial. “They are entertainers. They love to please. And they are easy to train,” she says. “We bring them up like little children.”
She says men come in frequently, insisting the puppies are for their wives. “They make it clear it's not for them. They say, ‘small dogs are not for me.' ”
“My husband and I just chuckle to ourselves,” says Flett. They know that within days the dog will be his. “It's so interesting to see the transformation,” she says, as the little bichon puppy wins the burly man's heart.
“I think men are softies,” says Flett. “The dog helps them get in touch with their feminine side.”
Published on Aug 27 2010
David Graham 

Boarding kennel
Location 13065 Elginfield Rd, Lucan, Ontario N0M 2J0
Phone (519) 227-0241
Facebook page
Holiday Farms pet resort has been providing quality boarding, day care and grooming for dogs since 1996. We are located on 47 acres of beautiful country farmland, where your pet can play with other dogs or alone in large, fenced out-door areas. All dogs are let out to play five times per day at no extra charge. For your pet's comfort our kennel is heated and air conditioned.

Does Boarding Your Pet Bring You Worry and Concern?   
Pet owners often find they can't fully relax when they go on vacation because they worry about their beloved pets back at home. Does your pet sitter or boarding kennel truly have your dog's best interests at heart? Get the inside scoop on what to look for and avoid in daycare and boarding.
5 Signs to Watch for: Mushroom Toxicity Dog Dangers
Do you know that some mushrooms can be fatal if ingested? Every fall, vets see an influx of mushroom toxicity cases with dogs. Here are 5 signs to watch for to keep your dog safe!
Six Reasons To Massage Your Dog

Massage Therapy Helps Remove Disease from Your Pet's Body
August 10, 2014 

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Greeting a New Dog

Homeopathic Treatment For Hot Spots
by Dogs Naturally Magazine in Holistic Care

Support Canine Heart Health

The Toys I Strongly Advise Against Giving Your Pet

By Dr. Becker
Just as temperatures will climb over the next few months, so will the risk of overheating in pets. And inevitably, far too many precious dogs and even a few cats will succumb to heatstroke
this summer. Most cases of pets dying from heat exposure are not reported, but estimates are that several hundred dogs suffer this slow, agonizing fate every year.

Homeopathic Remedies for Canine Sprains and Strains

Could This Natural Remedy Relieve Your Dog's Itching and Scratching?

When Your Pet Disturbs Your Sleep, What Should You Do?

Walking two dogs getting you all tangled up? With the Kurgo Wander Double Dog Leash, it’s easy to keep your pups in line.

Are You Unknowingly Damaging 
Your Dog's Health?

5 Ways To Get Pesticides Out Of Your Dog

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism and Your Dog

Going Green: Chlorophyll For Dogs (free video)

Holistic veterinarian 
Still not convinced of the powers of 'homeopathy'? ... Watch this amazing video ... Dr Marcie Fallek ... Shows how homeopathy saved this stunning poodles life.

Homeopathic Treatment For Dogs
For truly acute diseases, a cookbook approach using a homeopathic first aid book or the repertory may be appropriate. Usually the picture of the disease symptom will be very clear and this will make finding the right remedy a fairly easy process.

Homeopathy for Dogs

Don't Let Your Pet Have Surgery for Scary Lumps Until Your Vet Does This

The 6 Mistakes Dog Owners Make That Can Turn Angels Into Demons

Five simple steps to detoxing your body of disease-causing mercury and heavy metals

Failing to Give Your Pet an ID Tag Could Become One of Your Biggest Regrets
There are few things as devastating, and the fear and grief can be overwhelming if this happens to your pet. But in today's high tech world, there's little excuse for not taking this important precautionary measure. Make sure your pet has this at the very minimum.


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