Frozen dog treats!

Healthy-Gut Frozen Yogurt Cups for Dogs

7 Healthy Facts About Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds: A Natural Solution For Worms
The white hearts are plain organic coconut oil. ~About 3 heaping scoops of coconut oil with a kitchen spoon makes 15 treats. (Melt and then put in a mold)

*Here's the link to the coconut oil brain booster video
The green hearts are plain organic avocado. ~ 1 organic avocado cost $3 and made 26 treats

****** If you’ve not checked out this live video by Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Becker on avocados that debunks the myth
For the ice cube shaped treats, I used 1 small stalk of organic broccoli, half a bag of organic carrots, and organic blueberries (1 in the center of each). Veggies were lightly steamed and puréed. ~ That made 20 treats the size of ice cubes

*Why are leafy greens good? Here’s a video link for that too! :
💡For best results, keep in the freezer!

7 Healthy Facts About Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Anti aging morsels 
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Toxic dog treats: What's killing so many dogs? (CBC Marketplace) 

Treats by Planet Paws videos


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