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Are microchips a reliable form of identification? And are there health risks associated with the implants?Consumers are repeatedly told that microchip implants are safe. So safe, in fact, that pharmaceutical giant Merial says scientific studies show that microchip implants are totally painless, perfectly well tolerated by the animal and that there is no risk of itchiness, allergic reactions or abscesses. Merial even claims that European experience shows that microchips are never rejected from the body.

However, published scientific studies and adverse microchip reports recorded by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) prove otherwise.
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Could This Potentially Cancer-Causing Microchip Law Happen Here?

This article explains why we tattoo and do not micro chip our puppies.

Health Concerns Related to Microchips
The primary concern any time something foreign is introduced into the body -- whether it’s a microchip or, say, a metal plate to repair a fractured bone, or a transplanted organ – is the potential for the body to reject the foreign material.
There have been documented cases in veterinary medicine of sarcomas or fibrosarcomas (soft tissue tumors) developing at microchip injection sites. Research shows that between 1996 and 2006, between 0.8 and 10.2 percent of laboratory animals developed malignant tumors around or near implanted microchips. There are also two documented cases of chip-related malignancies in dogs.2
My recommendation, if you’re considering chipping your pet, is to assess how much risk there is that she will ever get out of your sight. If you have an indoor-only cat, for example, or a well-trained (responsive) dog that is always on a leash outdoors, I believe the potential risks of micro chipping outweigh the benefits.

Permission to forwarding this message from Connie. The more informed, the more educated, not allowing something to be done to your pup that may harm him/her.
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Fern I'm so happy that you don't do microchip as I've seen on the Bondi Vet tv show that a cat had been left with bad seizures and not being able to walk right until it was discovered that the chip had moved and embedded in the cat's spine.  It was really scary to watch. 
Thank you so much for all you and your husband to raise such healthy beauties.  



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